Friday, 19 April 2013

45trona Ut

About the Artist and Album:
45trona Ut (pronounced "Astrona ut") is a classically conservatory trained musician with a passion for dance, trance, electronica and funk. Funkspatial is an album that combines elements of French-Touch dance,house, trance and electronica made by DJ/producer 45trona UT. This party-heavy programmatic work centers on a journey through space and time.

this upbeat track begins the album. It has a very smooth and easy bass line. It has all the characteristics of a good dance track: nice melodies which develop and change regularly keeping it fresh and exciting. Overall its a very good track with a good sense of rhythm and it flows really well especially through all the transitions.

Aboard the Party Shuttle
this song is slightly more trance sounding with a more serious and piercing sound. its a bit more atmospheric than previous tracks and the bass melody is a nice underlying feature. The ending becomes almost too busy but manages to get it just right before it folds and fades away. Once again a very nice dance track and you can see that as soon as you begin to listen to the album it is like you are getting aboard the party shuttle.

a wobbling bass begins the track before a nice synth melody comes in, it seems slightly more mellow than the previous songs and lightly more laid back . The song builds up into a nice rhythm and sound. Once again the melody continues to develop keeping it fresh and interesting something a regular house track struggles to do.

Planet Sant'alessio
sounds quite dark but kind of vague and unclear at the same time. It suddenly builds into a disjointed melody with a surprisingly good rhythm, then it further develops into a galloping trance section before falling back into a quiet section. It then under go's a number of exciting developments. This track is a good track to round the album of with: it captures many of the ideas and feelings of the previous tracks.

Overall this album is a very interesting and enjoyable album to listen to. The way each track builds up and changes rapidly keeps your interest and strays away from traditional house music which makes the album accessible to listeners who maybe aren't that familiar with the genre. The album has plenty of dance music and the quality of the rhythms and melodies when they are in full flow is amazing. Of course I have only reviewed a few of the many good tracks on the album, that means you will have to check it out on spotify!

Here is RLU Records's and 45trona Ut's Youtube channel where you can find links to itunes, emusic and last fm radio as well as three 45trona Ut's album videos:
RLU Records Website:

About RLU Records:
RLU Records (Rugitui Leonis Universalis) is a young upcoming American record label non-restricted to a specific music genre. It is home of RLU Productions and manages artists such as {45trona Ut}.

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