Dataphiles is an independent music producer who produces electronica/house music. His influences include Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Deadmau5 and Faithless. Dataphile's new album is released today (9/7/12) and here we have an exclusive review of the album, Large Hadron Kaleidoscope.

The Album begins with “Lotus V” in which a disjointed start develops itself into a bouncy tune,the song features an energetic pulse which features in almost all of the song and it makes all the songs sound much livelier and exciting. The album continues with “Funky Raving Brother” the steady sounding introduction becomes the platform to a well structured minimalist song, Dataphiles manages to make the vocals become part of the tune and not the main attention which was a clever move in my opinion. “Basch” messes with your mind as the slow introduction feels much faster because of the rapid beat, the song also plays around with distortion and L and R output which makes the sounds feel like they are moving in your ears.

“Econtra” was next and Dataphile plays around with the voices in the song created a catchy polyphonic tune out of glitched voices. “Breslow” continues the variations as the song features a more daft punk-ish set up and a much livelier feel than the past few songs. “Porter” was my personal favourite because the song had a rich bass line with a delicate tune placed on top.”Shem” continued the ideas from “Porter” and was once again another solid sounding song.”Cuttin” is a lively song which includes more clever use of voice and “Gretchen's Dream” plays around with voice more by including a glitchy voice. The offbeat notes gave this song an unusual rhythm which was contrast to the other songs before.”Merciless Min” was once again another enjoyable song and “Strand” featured one of the catchiest melodies in the album and the use of a fast beat and pulse made the song lively and upbeat.

The Penultimate song “Curveball” was one of the liveliest tunes of the album, the polyphonic sounds make the song sound very rich. The middle section is chattery which once again makes the song unique from the rest, it sounds like little splatter of sound have joined up to carry a part of the tune and I particularly like the busy ending.”NK Cell” is a good way to round the album off , the song constantly changes and only settles into a nice pattern near the end for a nice smooth ending.

Some of the earlier songs dragged on a little but the latter songs managed to stay fresh and unpredictable. I am looking forward to the next album as it will be interesting to see what other ideas he will bring to the table, I would also like the songs to be like the second half of the album as I found that more enjoyable. Overall I really enjoyed this album, the songs manage to be unique with little experiments and set-ups. It says in Dataphile's bio that he aims to make lively music and he has certainly achieved it here.

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